Soulcaptor photography has derived from the belief among many ancient cultures that a photo takes or captures the soul of the individual. As a photographer who has been allowed the fortunate position of capturing the split second in time of ones soul, It is sometimes customary to take an extra photo to give back to the individual therefore returning their soul back to them.

If that little tidbit in cultural beliefs didn’t get your attention then how about this? I love the challenge of trying to capture action and freezing it in time, therefore I have these ongoing projects in photography that currently involves Roller Derby, Skateboarding, Motorcycles or anything that involves motion. I also dig on people and things that are broken, battered and bruised but never beaten held together by duct tape, bungee cords, wire ties and band-aids. Sprinkle in a little rust for color and we are set…

I lack the commitment it takes to be a wedding photographer the enthusiasm to be a portrait photographer and the patience to be a landscape photographer. On a personal level with my own photography, I don’t find much challenge in taking photos of any subject in static positions under preset lighting. I thrive off of the dynamics of various sports and feel as I shoot these types of events it I feel like a sniper chasing a moving object looking through the scope and working on the perfect shot.

Ok back to the soulcaptor thing. Since I do claim to be part Choctaw, I can say that I have always loved the imaginative thought process behind those very ancient beliefs that I speak of . Does my tribe in particular believe a photo captures the soul? well honestly I don’t know.

Do I believe a photo captures the soul…

Of course I do…. don’t you??